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World’s first phygital podiatric and wound care chain

FootSecure’s vision is to prevent amputations and enable an active lifestyle and pain-free walking experience for people. We achieve this through technologically advanced medical devices, and infrastructure that allows our highly skilled healthcare providers to treat patients with foot, ankle, and chronic wound conditions.

Our unique digital podiatry ecosystem, Wound360, and Foot360 empower healthcare providers to provide diagnosis, treatment, support, and rehabilitation to patients with chronic ulcers, aches and pains in the foot and ankle, sports injuries, diabetic and arthritic foot, and over 300 plus major and minor foot and ankle conditions.

Our state-of-the-art stand-alone clinics and also centers are located within various hospitals and help cater to patients requiring various diagnostics, surgeries, therapies, orthosis, and prostheses for their chronic wounds and/or foot and ankle conditions.

We take pride in reducing unnecessary amputations by solving complex conditions with simple and cost-effective approaches. We have a reputation for having prevented amputations in 80% of the patients with diabetes or renal foot conditions visiting us.

Our Services for Patients

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Our Offering for Health Care Providers

We aim to make a difference in the world of podiatry through the empowerment of clinicians to treat over 300 podiatric conditions, diagnosis support, latest treatment protocols, assessment tools, and integrated diagnostic devices enabling seamless access to podiatry services and products through our proprietary digital applications – Wound360, Foot360, and an integrated eCommerce platform.

Our Offering to Hospitals

We set up and man fully functional podiatry departments, and wound care clinics including prosthesis and orthotics support in your hospitals to deliver care for the lower limbs and chronic wounds.


FootSecure brings advanced predictive technologies, an understanding of podiatry (both clinical and operational protocols), products, and talent training approaches to deliver better health outcomes.  Powered by an AI-enabled chatbot, the conversational nature of our CCDSS is a step ahead of the typical form-based systems. It helps monitor and manage foot health and wound care in clinics or at home through mobile triage and tele-podiatry. It combines 2D and 3D imaging, gait analysis, plantar pressure scan, and videos of the wound/foot.

Latest Blogs

Read the latest developments in the field of podiatry and stay up to date with the current trends. Our podiatry blog is a knowledge hub for foot care professionals and patients to know how to better care for their feet and avail the right treatments at the right time.

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