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FootSecure’s vision to offer excellent foot care service led to the formation of a digitally-enabled, innovative podiatry ecosystem that includes conversational clinical decision support systems, comprehensive experience centers, and an eCommerce portal for exclusive products in wound care, foot, and ankle care. Thereby, enabling FootSecure to be the trusted podiatry partner to clinicians, healthcare providers, and patients alike.

About FootSecure

FootSecure is a phygital podiatry platform that drives excellence in podiatry (foot & ankle) solutions such as diagnosis, treatments, therapeutics, and surgeries. A dedicated team of highly trained medical professionals empowered with global technologies seeks to provide best-in-class foot and ankle care solutions.



To be the provider of affordable, best-in-class, quality podiatry & wound care services, and products, that are loved and preferred by patients and health care providers, our employees, and investors/promoters alike.



Empower people to be on their feet and enable them to lead an active lifestyle through our podiatric ecosystem.




We believe in integrity, dignity, innovation, and success. We practice a patient-first approach wherein we aim at being empathetic, responsive, respectful, culturally sensitive, caring, and communicative.

Founder's Note

Have you ever thought about the importance of your feet and why one must take care of them? Let’s learn a little something about your feet. Our feet have twenty-six bones and represent a quarter of the overall human skeleton structure. These twenty-six bones armed with 100 plus muscles, ligaments, tendons, and 33 joints form a complex mechanical structure that offers mobility and help us walk, run, pursue sports, and perform various physical activities relying on our feet and ankles.

However, due to various reasons and factors, we often face multiple issues related to our feet. Issues could range from aches and pains in the lower limbs, sprains, tears, fractures, inflammation, corns, calluses, ingrowing toenails, varicose veins, arthritis, sports injuries, gait, and postural anomalies, toe walking, pregnancy-related foot ailments. These issues are representative of the 300 plus foot and ankle-related ailments that we humans suffer and often

In the recent past, diabetic foot disease has been at the forefront of these foot ailments, with a limb being lost every 20 seconds globally, and the mortality rate of a patient with a diabetic foot ulcer is higher than Cancer. 80% of amputations/ulcers can be prevented by early podiatric care.

The lowermost extremities (below the knee, foot & ankle) of our bodies require as much care and are prone to major damage more than any other part of our body. With a mission to provide care to the much-neglected part of the body, FootSecure was founded.

FootSecure intends to reach out to 15 million patients with foot and ankle ailments through various means. Such as our impaneled health care providers, our digital platforms like Wound360, Foot360, and FootCart, and via dedicated podiatry departments and hospitals in the next 5 years.

Our Founder

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Dr. Sanjay Sharma


Dr. Sanjay Sharma

Podiatric Surgeon & Wound Care Specialist
Secretary– Indian Podiatry Association, Karnataka Chapter
Vice President – Telemedicine Society of India, Karnataka Chapter
Member – American Podiatric Medical Association

Sanjay Sharma, is an alumnus of RGUHS, IIMB, UC Berkeley, and AIIMS(New Delhi). He has 18+ years of clinical experience, 10 years exclusively in Podiatry. He is the thought leader in Telemedicine & Podiatry, with over 90 plus presentations and publications.

He has been awarded the Rising Star by the Government of Karnataka and Times healthcare awards in 2020. He has invested in 3 other start-up companies. Dr. Sanjay will lead the clinical leadership and business strategy at FootSecure

Our Promoters

While Vinayak contributes to Technology and Strategy; Sumit brings in an in-depth knowledge of UX and Processes; and Krish is an expert in marketing, branding, advertising and company affairs. All of them hold a key position in the leadership team of FootSecure.

Our leadership team has a cumulative experience of over 60 years.

Vinayak Nandalike


Sumit Dutta




Gopal Bajaj


Awards and Accolades

FootSecure was awarded as the “Best Podiatry Clinic Chain” by the India Today Group in 2019