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Join the best to be the best. FootSecure is your right podiatry partner. We understand your needs and the needs of your patients and that’s precisely why we are creating a digitally-enabled podiatry ecosystem, which will give your patients access to world-class treatment for foot and ankle conditions and hitherto unavailable podiatric products.

We have thoughtfully designed clinical and operational protocols, products, and talent training approaches to ensure better health outcomes. At FootSecure, we believe in reducing unnecessary amputations by solving complex conditions with simple and cost-effective methods. And to achieve this we bring advanced predictive technologies and an understanding of podiatry.

What’s more?

Get introduced to technology that helps give better care. Foot360 and Wound360 ensure improved patient outcomes, reduced dependency on larger hospitals or clinics for routine treatment of wounds and other podiatric conditions. They provide access to updated clinical protocols in Podiatry and Wound Care. And they also enable documentation of wound and foot and ankle conditions, which can be used for research, presentations, and professional publications.


  • Helps clinicians and patients with integrated mobile triage services
  • Enables clinicians to access wound care experts remotely through tele-wound care service
  • Enables personalised wound care through mobile imaging of wounds and AI-enabled expert wound care advice
  • It helps patients heal faster in a more affordable manner
  • Ensures priority delivery of wound care products and advanced dressings for onsite clinicians and patients


  • Foot360 enables clinicians to diagnose and treat various biomechanical conditions related to foot and ankle through tele-podiatry services
  • Gives access to a remote foot Orthotist to design and manufacture custom-made prescription foot orthoses (insoles), custom footwear (sandals and chappals)
  • Uses the latest in automation, CAD-CAM, and 3D printing technology to develop custom orthoses
  • Suggests therapies and products related to foot health
  • Ensures priority delivery of orthosis, footwear, foot care products for onsite clinicians and patients


We use technology to give you the best. One of the key features of our e-commerce offering is the integration of CCDSS (Conversational Clinical Decision Support System) Technology leading to AI-based product advice based on the diagnosis.

Here’s how the CCDSS & e-commerce work:

  1. With CCDSS integrated into the e-Commerce platform, recommending products appropriate to the condition/diagnosis, including wound dressing materials, offloading and therapeutic devices, custom orthotics, footwear, AFO, and splints, becomes easy and reliable
  2. The clinician or patient can compare, buy, and get trained on using the products based on ailment/symptom or the condition
  3. Patients can also opt for tele-consult with a foot and ankle specialist to select a suitable product

CCDSS and FootCart are designed to help increase the revenue for clinicians by monetizing remote care, the sale of orthotics and custom footwear, and increased referrals. It further reduces dependency on shoe stores and local cobblers for providing custom offloading footwear.

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