Experience a wide range of podiatric services offered by qualified and skilled professionals.

3D Foot Scan

Gait & Posture Analysis

Lower Limb MSK Assessment

Neuropathy Assessment

Oxygen Perfusion Assessment

Plantar Pressure Scan

Vascular Assessment


Anodyne Therapy

Gait Training

Kinesio Taping

Laser Therapy

Lympha Press

Medipedi (Medical Pedicure)

Ankle Foot Orthosis

Below Knee & Above Knee Prosthesis

Custom Shoes / Footwear

Offloading Footwear


Sports Injury Prevention & Performance Enhancement Orthosis


Callus & Corn Excisions

Charcot Reconstruction

Corrective Surgeries for Fractures of Foot & Ankle

Deformity Corrections in Children & Adults

Grafts & Flaps

Ilizarov Procedures

Incision & Drainage of Abscesses

Laser Surgery for Varicose Veins

Lower Limb Angioplasty

Nail Surgeries

Preventive Offloading Surgeries

Surgeries related to Wound Care

Trauma & Accident

Wart Excisions

Acellular Dermal Grafts

Adipose Grafts

Hyperbaric Oxygen

Low-Level Laser Therapy

Ozone Therapy

PRFM Therapy

PRP Therapy

Topical Oxygen Therapy

VAC Therapy